At Paladin Radiators discover the flawless blend of classic elegance and exceptional performance with our range of cast iron radiators. Imbued with a rich history they’re not only functional but serve as a captivating focal point. With eighteen stunning designs to choose from in a range of colours unique to Paladin there is something to suit all tastes. Cast iron radiators have stood the test of time and proven to last for generations; they’re unrivalled when it comes to strength and durability. They’re more energy efficient than modern radiators with their ability to retain heat for longer periods. 

Looking for intricate details and ornate designs the Kensington or the Oxford are ideal choices that exude timeless charm. We also offer a range of radiator accessories to ensure you have everything you need.

Enhance your homes ambiance with one of our cast iron radiators. Indulge in timeless warmth whilst reading one of our informative blogs, we recommend: 

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Paladin Piccadilly Ribbon Pattern Cast Radiator
Are cast iron radiators efficient?
Cast iron radiators are known for their efficiency in heating spaces. They have a high thermal mass, allowing them to retain and emit heat for extended periods. This tool results in a more consistent and comfortable warmth, making them an efficient choice for heating systems.
Are cast iron radiators good with heat pumps?
Cast iron radiators are compatible with heat pumps, offering a reliable and effective heating solution. The steady heat output of cast iron complements the variable temperatures heat pumps produce, creating a balanced and efficient heating system for your home.
Do you need wall stays for cast iron radiators?
Wall stays, or brackets, are recommended for securing cast iron radiators to the wall. While some installations may not require them, wall stays enhance safety and stability. They prevent the radiator from tipping or leaning, ensuring a secure and properly functioning heating setup.
Are your radiators cast iron, or cast iron style?
It's important to clarify whether the radiators are authentic cast iron or merely have a cast iron style. Authentic cast iron radiators provide durability and efficient heat retention, while manufacturers use various materials to construct cast-iron style radiators for a similar aesthetic.
Are bespoke colours available at Paladin?
Yes, Paladin offers bespoke colour options for their radiators. This customization lets you choose a finish that aligns with your interior design preferences. Whether you prefer classic hues or unique shades, bespoke colour options from Paladin provide a personalized touch to your cast iron radiators.