A Guide To Our Cast Iron Radiators

This blog is your ultimate guide for everything you need to know about our radiators. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to upgrade your heating system or an interior designer seeking the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics, this blog will take you on a captivating journey through the exquisite range of radiators offered by Paladin Radiators.

With a commitment to exceptional craftsmanship and innovative design, Paladin Radiators is the go-to brand for those who seek to elevate their living spaces with stylish heating solutions. 

Join us as we explore the remarkable features, timeless designs, and unparalleled performance that make Paladin Radiators a true masterpiece in home heating.


Bartholomew radiator

An old hospital radiator was the inspiration for the simple, versatile yet timeless classic – the Bartholomew.

The Bartholomew is a timeless, classic cast iron radiator, whose design was initially used in hospitals in the Victorian era. The elegant, simple lines of the Bartholomew, named after the famous London hospital, suit modern and period homes.

The simplicity of the Bartholomew enables many custom finish options, to transform the clean, smooth lines of this radiator into a delightfully stylish feature, for any room.


Churchill radiator

The Churchill cast iron radiator is a perfectly recreated timeless classic. One of the most compact cast iron radiators in our range, the Churchill is ideally suited to add a touch of vintage charm to low bay windows, conservatories and loft conversions.

The Churchill may be one of the shortest of all the Paladin range, but at 141 watts/480 BTUs per section, it is hugely heat efficient as well as adding timeless elegance to any room.


Clarendon radiators

A truly classic design that has taken inspiration from some of Britain’s oldest and most elite schools.

The Clarendon is an old-school cast iron radiator which has been expertly designed to be an exact copy of the original Clarendon. It is named after the Clarendon group of old schools, some of which include Harrow, Eton and Winchester. This modest and characterful radiator lends itself to both contemporary and traditional spaces.


Kensington radiators

With a fabulous fluid form and exquisite ornate detail, this vintage radiator exudes luxury.

The Kensington vintage cast iron radiator is a decoratively distinctive vintage-styled cast iron radiator that echoes a bygone era. This freestanding vintage radiator has a stunning ornate scrolled detail that lends itself well to our hand-painted highlight option or an antique paint effect.

The Kensington is a popular choice for a traditional refurbishment, barn or warehouse conversion, but is equally at home in a modern setting.

Let the beautiful lines of the Kensington magically enhance your room.


Montpellier radiator

Inspired by the daring simplicity of daisies to bring beauty to any room, the Montpellier old-style cast iron radiator, also known as the “daisy radiator”, is an alluring decorative style cast iron radiator. The Montpellier’s origins lie in France in the late 1890s. The seductive design emits romance with its delicate daisy and ribbons pattern, which flows from the ornate foot of the radiator to the top.

The Montpellier lends itself well to a hand-painted highlight finish or a hand-polish effect, which only serves to accentuate and add more charm to this cast iron radiator – a genuinely captivating centrepiece for any room.

Neo Gerogian

NeoGeorgian Radiator

The stylish but straightforward Neo Georgian column cast iron radiator echoes back to the era of the early 1900s. The classic clean lines of this elegant design mean that it is well suited for either the modern or period home setting. With options of 2, 4 and even 6 column depths, the heat output per section is substantial.

With its clean and elegant design, The Neo Georgian column cast iron radiator is a popular choice for homes that were built during the Arts and Crafts era, which influenced Britain until the 1930s.


Oxford radiator

Emanating feelings of love and romance, the French-inspired Oxford radiates warmth, in more ways than one.

The opulent Oxford antique cast iron radiator has its origins in late 1800s France.  This ornate, antique cast iron radiator boasts a smooth sweeping, scalloped top detail with an elaborate interwoven design at the feet.

This freestanding, extremely heat-efficient antique radiator is perfect for a more extensive period room, barn or warehouse conversion, adding enchantment and delight in abundance.


Piccadilly radiator

The Piccadilly is a decorative cast iron radiator that flaunts flowing Celtic ribbons that are intertwined with leaves and crowned with scrolls. Originally manufactured by the American Radiator Company, circa 1880, this magnificent cast iron radiator is often found in churches, due to its distinctive and unusual Celtic design.

The Piccadilly cast iron radiator lends itself to our hand-painted highlight effect or our antiqued paint options. The Piccadilly is a stunning complement to both modern and period homes.


Pimlico radiator

First produced in the late Victorian era, and popular in later Edwardian homes, the Pimlico cast iron radiator is also known as the “Duchess Radiator”.

This slim-line beauty is perfect for smaller rooms, having only 2 columns and a 110mm depth. The Pimlico is the perfect choice for a traditional quaint cottage as well as a great choice for a modern-day bathroom.

Saint Paul 

Saint Paul radiator

The Saint Paul cast iron radiator is a stunning example of skilled craftsmanship. Originally designed for the American Radiator Company, circa 1842, it was described as “a work of art in iron”. With an intricate ornate design of cherubs, dragons and lions intertwined with vines, this cast iron radiator generates feelings of wonderment.

The Saint Paul comes to life when choosing our antiqued or highlights paint effects. The Saint Paul is a genuinely unique and memorable masterpiece.


Shaftsbury radiator

The Shaftsbury cast iron radiator is a stunning example of ornate design and intricate detail. The swirls and waves of etched beauty make it the ideal cast iron radiator for an antiqued, hand-painted or polished finish.

The Shaftsbury originates from a London Ballet School, in the Victorian era, which gives rise to its delightful decadence. Distinctive and beautiful, the Shaftsbury cast iron radiator is the perfect choice for a traditional setting.


Sloane radiator

An Intricate elegant design, going back in time – the Sloane cast iron radiator design was first produced in America in the 1880s. It is famous for its finely etched features which give rise to its name of the curly-eared princess.

The elaborate yet sophisticated design of the Sloane provides a contemporary look for the more modern setting as well as a traditional look for the period home.

Victoriana 3 & 4 Column 

Victoriana radiator

When history should repeat itself, meet the Victoriana – a 19th-century masterpiece.

The Victoriana design reins from America in the 1880s. Beautifully simplistic, the Victoriana design could be found in buildings during the late Victorian era. This simple, yet elegant style has been judiciously recreated by Paladin to offer an authentic, traditional cast iron radiator to suit both modern and period homes.

Our Electric Cast Iron Radiators 

Paladin electric radiators

Combine a stylish, sophisticated look with the convenience of electrical operation.

Our electric-only operation cast iron radiators are fitted with a 240V single-phase heating element which has thermostatically adjustable settings including a frost protection mode, or we also have an app-controlled fused spur for single or multiple radiators which, when used with the app (free on Apple or GooglePlay stores) offers timed operation for your radiators.

Our electric radiators are supplied filled, tested and ready for wiring to a fused spur (standard lead length is 1200mm). Our electric cast iron radiators are available in a range of sizes. It is also possible to supply radiators with two elements (one at each end) when more significant outputs are required.

Our CORE Range 

Core radiator

A limited range of ready-built radiators ready to ship – Available for delivery in just 3 days from order in your choice of Paladin Metals colour, our CORE range is all heights of the Neo Georgian 4-column range.

Which Radiator is Right For You?

To help you decide which radiator is right for you, we have a Heat Calculator readily available on our website. Our heat calculator will give you an idea of the heat output you need for each room and will provide you with a detailed estimate for your chosen cast iron radiator range. 

“I want to say thanks and how fantastic the radiators look along with the cast quality and the excellent painting and polishing finish. I now can’t wait to get them installed! Many thanks again for all your help and assistance.”

“Thank you for all your help, we will definitely recommend Paladin to anyone we know who is looking for cast iron radiators and will get in touch when we’re needing radiators for our ground floor.”