An Interior Designer’s Guide To Cast Iron Radiators

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Whether their tastes are traditional or contemporary - our range has you covered.


A curated range of cast iron radiators Add a touch of class to any interior space

In this guide, we'll showcase:

  • A selection of cast iron radiators that will bring elegance to any room in the property

  • How Paladin crafts each cast iron radiator to ensure a flawless finished product

  • Cast iron radiators that fit the style of timeless classics as well as cutting edge contemporary.

Here's A Further Insight Into

What’s On Offer In This Guide


The Perfect Signature Piece

Insight into sleek, modern designs that will fit right in with a more contemporary space as well as ornate Victorian looks that are the perfect accompaniment for antique furnishings.


Simplifying Installations

Cast iron radiators are notorious for being difficult to install. With Paladin, things don’t have to be that way - you can get a simplified installation without sacrificing that timeless look.

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Refining A Property's Style

Paladin Cast Iron Radiators are the perfect way to add a little flair and personality into homes. Available in an array of different sizes, styles, and colours you can find the perfect fit for any space.

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Crafted With Care

Paladin cast iron radiators not only provide a stunning visual but expert craftsmanship, with every radiator hand-built in the UK.


Access To Key Specialist Insight

The guide is designed to help you when making decisions in your home. It also offers advice on how to ensure that the cast iron radiator you choose will match the decor of the property.

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