Frequently Asked Questions

We do hope our FAQ section answers your questions and provides the help you guidance you need. If there is anything you have in mind that is not covered below, please call us on 01205 280354, or visit our showroom in Lincolnshire, where our friendly and helpful staff will help you.

Are cast iron radiators as efficient as panel radiators?

Radiator output is always measured in exactly the same way so as long as you match the outputs you will have the same amount of heat. What is generally meant when asking this is, will they be of a similar size to a current or proposed panel radiator? This will be true of most of our cast iron radiators but some of the smaller column sizes may need extra sections to provide a matching heat output.

Cast iron is a very dense material and the extra heat it takes to warm it is not lost the radiator will deliver this energy back to the room for a while after the system is turned off.

What is a BTU/Watt and how do I calculate what BTU’s or Watts I require for each of my room spaces?

A BTU (British Thermal Unit) or Watt (metric equivalent) is the unit of energy used to measure heat output. This is used to give you a figure for the amount of heat (heat loss) required for a room. We can quickly calculate your heat output requirements by asking you a few simple questions i.e. the rooms dimensional information including the number of outside walls and their construction (cavity/solid/insulated etc.) the floor type and what type of room it is (bedroom/living etc.) or simply fill in our BTU form and we will get back to you with your required outputs.

What is the difference between a section and a column?

Sections are the individual elements making up the overall length of the radiator and columns are generally referred to as the number of vertical tubular columns when viewing the end of the radiator.

How long will my radiator take to be delivered?

It takes time and care to custom build your cast iron radiator. We hand-build your cast iron radiator section by section to your individual requirements then we finish it with your paint options and effects. Paladin currently offers a one week lead time for our metals range of finishes, and a two week lead time for all other effects. Polishing however is a very intensive manufacturing process and whilst we usually offer three week availability this is subject to the current workload in this department. When you place your order with us, we will provide you with delivery date options. View our delivery options page for more information.

Is my cast iron radiator easy to install and suitable for my central heating system?

Installation of cast iron radiators does need some consideration primarily their weight but all other aspects are as per usual for the fitting of the brackets, valves and pipe work. Your system can have one cast iron radiator added as a feature or every room can be fitted with cast iron radiators. Our radiators can be fitted into conventional open vented or sealed central heating systems.

How do I install my Paladin cast iron radiator?

We strongly recommend you use a qualified plumber or heating engineer to install your radiators.

Why does Paladin custom build radiators?

Every Paladin radiator is individually built and finished to order, there is nothing ‘off the shelf’ about our radiators. Every cast iron radiator is a unique piece with its own personality.

Can we view Paladin Radiators at a showroom?

You can view our cast iron radiators at our showroom at Paladin Radiators, Langrick Road, New York, Lincolnshire, LN4 4XH. Please telephone 01205 280354 or email us for an appointment.

What’s the difference between a thermostatic radiator valve and a manual radiator valve?

Thermostatic radiator valves (TRV’s) will automatically adjust the volume of hot water (flow) and therefore the temperature of the radiator as the room temperature changes depending on what temperature it has been set to. A manual radiator valve will give you a constant output regardless of the room conditions. A thermostatic radiator valve gives you the option to keep living rooms at a comfortable constant heat and occasional rooms such as bedrooms at a lower heat. They are recommended to be fitted as an energy saving device.

What colour can I have my cast iron radiator painted?

We love our Paladin Metals and effects ranges but if you have a particular colour in mind, we will match it, mix it and paint it. We also offer genuine Farrow and Ball paints and can mix from a RAL or BS reference or to any colour of your choice with our colour matching service.

You can also choose an Antiqued or Highlighted Effect option. Our talented craftsmen emphasise the beautiful moulded detail of the ornate cast iron radiators by hand.

Are Paladin radiators suitable for Heat Pumps?

Paladin cast iron radiators work very well with natural heat sources as they can be precisely sized to match the typically lower flow temperatures of these appliances to give you the outputs required.

How will my radiator arrive?

Your Paladin cast iron radiators will arrive on a pallet via a pallet courier.  The delivery is to the nearest accessible external hard standing, movement thereafter is by others. The radiators will need handling very carefully off the pallet and into position. Paladin provides a help sheet with every order to ensure your radiator is handled correctly during installation. See our delivery options page for more information or call us on 01205 280354.

Can I have my pipe work in place ahead of receiving my Paladin radiators?

We strongly recommend you wait until your radiators are delivered before setting pipe work in place however we are happy to provide you with first fix information and usually all is well but, due to the hand built nature of cast iron radiators, these dimensions are always provided as a guide only and we cannot accept any liability for any prior installed pipe work.

What is the hand polished finish and how do I maintain it?

Polished finishes bring out the very best in cast iron radiators; hours of work go in to each section to give a superb intense lustre to the radiator we polish down to the bare cast iron leaving the radiator uncoated. This beautiful finish but does require some care as the bare metal will react with moisture in the air to cause the surface to oxidise. This surface patina oxidisation can be prevented by gently wiping your hand polished radiator over with a lint free cloth lightly sprayed with WD40 every 8-10 weeks although this does depend on local conditions. We do not advise to install polished radiators into bathrooms or any areas where there is excessive moisture. View our maintenance guide for hand polished radiators.

Can I wall mount the radiator rather than have it floor standing?

As default all of our radiators are floor mounted and then tied back to the wall with wall ties. You can, on request, however have your radiator wall mounted, just let us know at the time of ordering. Please ensure the wall is suitable for this type of mounting. Call us on 01205 280354 for more information.

What parts do I need for my radiator?

Valves - You will need one pair per radiator. We offer a comprehensive range of manual or thermostatic valves. View our valves and accessories page

Air Vents - Our brass air vent is fitted as standard and we also offer a range of luxury finished vents. View our valves and accessories page

Wall stays - All of the weight of the radiator is through the floor however to prevent any movement of the radiator and for safety you should always fit wall stays. View our range of wall stays

We recommend:

Up to 10 sections 1 wall stay
11-20 sections 2 wall stays
21 sections + 3 wall stays

Pipe sleeves - View our range of pipe sleeves

Bush ends 
- This is an optional purchase to finish off your cast iron radiator. All our cast iron radiators come with standard plain cast iron bush ends however, if you want to add an opulent touch, we have a range of unique ornate cast iron bush ends. Note: These are fitted as standard on the Piccadilly and Shaftesbury ranges. View our range of ornate bush ends

What is a wall stay, how does it work?

A wall stay is a bracket that ties your cast iron radiator to the wall. The radiators stand on the floor but to stop any lateral movement and for safety reasons you should always fit the recommended number of wall ties. View our range of wall stays

Can I use my current pipe work?

You can use your existing pipe work and a radiators can be built to fit as close as possible but it will always require your plumber to make the final adjustments to the pipe work. In general the final pipe work connection to the radiator is in 15mm copper however we also offer 22mm valves and ½ or ¾” bsp connections for steel pipe work on some of our ranges.

What is the guarantee on a Paladin Cast Iron Radiator?

All our radiators come with a comprehensive ten-year guarantee (it’s two years on valves and accessories including electrical components) but always be sure to follow all current installation regulations and in particular the system should be cleaned, flushed and dosed with a suitable high quality inhibitor in accordance with BS7593.

Will Paladin speak with my plumber regarding technical information?

Our friendly and helpful Paladin Sales Team will discuss any practical issues directly with your plumber or heating engineer if required please call 01205 280354.

Can I get a specification sheet for my plumber?

We can provide on request, a specification sheet for your plumber or heating engineer which provides all measurements needed for installation. Contact us for a specification sheet today. Call us on 01205 280354 or email us

How can I pay?

As all Paladin radiators are bespoke built we usually require full payment with your order. We accept all major cards (currently excepting AMEX) or you can also pay via BACS.

If there is anything you have in mind that is not covered below, please call us on 01205 280354, where our friendly and helpful staff will help you. We are here to help and can provide you with a quotation within 48 hours. Alternatively email