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How To Style A Cast Iron Radiator

Cast iron radiators possess a timeless allure that transcends passing trends. Their classic charm is what gives them an enduring appeal across the interior design industry. As purveyors of exquisite heating solutions, here at Paladin Radiators we understand the transformative power that these iconic radiators can have. However, how you decorate your room around a…

Sloane cast iron radiator

The History Of Heating Throughout The Years

Welcome to ‘The History of Heating Throughout The Years,’ where we embark on a journey through time to unravel the warming tales of our ancestors. In our quest for a warm and toasty abode, we’ll explore the ingenious ways humans have battled the chill, from crackling open fires turning caves into snug retreats to the…

radiator bleeding to save thousands

How Bleeding Your Radiator Can Save Householders Up To £1,000 A Year On Bills

Householders could save up to a cool £1,000 a year if they learned to bleed their own radiators. Are your radiators not heating up all the way to the top? Are you perhaps hearing gurgling now and again? Then it could be a case of air trapped in your radiators, which can affect a radiator’s…

cast iron radiators

Cast-Iron Radiators For All Budgets

Discover the unmatched quality of Paladin’s cast iron radiators, backed by our commitment to exceptional customer service. As you explore the benefits of choosing Paladin, one standout feature is our 0% finance option making your purchase financially convenient. In this article, we look at why opting for a cast iron radiator from Paladin is a…

top tips to save money this january

5 Tips That Can Save You Up To £330 Pounds This January

It’s that time of year again where the chill has set in and we all reluctantly turn our heating on, with the knowledge we will be hit with a huge bill the following month.  Looking to save some cash yourself? Here are 5 invaluable tips to make your heating go further. Find out below how…

paladin coldest cities uk thermostat

New Study Reveals Which UK Cities Stand Strong Against The Cold To Keep Heating Costs Low

As snow arrives in the UK and this winter’s fuel bills are predicted to spike again, cast iron radiator experts Paladin Radiators have taken a dive into which are the best UK cities for keeping warm. Taking a combination of city size and gas and electric prices, Paladin has been able to create a metric…

Polished Radiators post

Polished Radiators: Luxury Heating To Upscale Your Home

Have you ever noticed the glint of a polished radiator? That sleek, shiny surface that reflects light just right? There’s something quite captivating about it. A polished radiator isn’t merely an accessory tucked away in your home – no, it’s much more than that. In this dance between aesthetics and functionality, guess who takes centre…

paladin blue radiator

Our 2024 Radiator Buying Guide

The new year is fast approaching and with it brings excitement and new prospects. There is nothing like a new year to inspire changes around your home. New year, new interior design project. When restyling your home, radiators are something that are often overlooked year after year. You pick new wall colours, order new sofas…

paladin electric radiator cast iron

The Benefits of Electric Radiators

At Paladin we know that cast iron radiators are synonymous with traditional homes but they can also be integrated seamlessly into modern interiors with little effort. Around four million homes in the UK are not connected to gas central heating, however if you live in one of these homes you don’t have to miss out…

white pattern cast iron radiator

Where to Start With Bespoke Radiators

At Paladin, we understand the importance of turning your house into a home. Ensuring every room exudes personality. Often radiators are seen as nothing more than a functional piece. However, with a bespoke radiator, you can create a focal point for your room that boasts aesthetic appeal.  At Paladin, we offer a range of striking…


  • We are one of the leading Cast Iron Radiator manufacturers in the UK
  • Our cast iron radiators are hand-built in the UK by our team of expert craftsmen, delivered to your home from just 7 days.
  • Paladin has its own dedicated foundry producing some of the finest radiator castings available today.
  • When it comes to finishing we offer a wide range of superb options including a full colour matching service.


Paladin Piccadilly Ribbon Pattern Cast Radiator

“I want to say thanks and how fantastic the radiators look along with the cast quality and the excellent painting and polishing finish. I now can’t wait to get them installed! Many thanks again for all your help and assistance.”

“Thank you for all your help, we will definitely recommend Paladin to anyone we know who is looking for cast iron radiators and will get in touch when we’re needing radiators for our ground floor.”