Here’s Five Old Wives Tales You Can Ignore About Heating

Heating seems to be one of those subjects that everyone has a theory about and we’ve taken it upon ourselves to dismiss some commonly held misconceptions!

Heating expert Jon Walker, says: “Heating a house can be a complex thing and there are a lot of rumours and unsubstantiated claims that we hear all the time. 

“We are certain that some of the below myths are based upon long-held beliefs, but they can all be easily dismissed. Remember, heat behaves in a certain way, trying to cheat the rules of thermodynamics never works!”

Here’s our myths that you can ignore:

❌ Leaving the heating on low all day is more energy-efficient than turning it off and on: 

This is a common misconception. In reality, it’s more energy-efficient to only heat your home when you need it. 

Turning the heating off when you’re not at home or during the night, and then turning it back on when you need it, can save energy and money.

❌ Using a higher thermostat setting will heat your home faster: 

Your thermostat controls the temperature at which your heating system operates, not the speed at which it heats your home. 

Setting the thermostat higher than desired won’t heat your home any faster; it will only lead to overheating and potentially wasted energy.

❌ Shutting off radiators in unused rooms saves energy: 

While it might seem logical to close off vents or radiators in rooms you’re not using, it can actually disrupt the balance of your heating system. 

Modern central heating systems are designed to work efficiently with all radiators switched on. Shutting them off can lead to uneven heating and potentially cause your boiler to work harder, increasing energy consumption.

❌ Using an electric blanket is cheaper than heating the whole house: 

While electric blankets can provide localised warmth and might seem like a cost-effective solution, they typically consume a significant amount of electricity.

It’s generally more efficient and cost-effective to heat your whole home using central heating rather than relying solely on electric blankets.

❌ Putting aluminium foil behind radiators reflects heat into the room: 

While placing reflective foil behind radiators might seem like a good idea to prevent heat from being absorbed by the wall, it’s unlikely to make a significant difference in heating efficiency. 

Modern radiators are designed to distribute heat into the room, and the foil is more likely to trap heat behind the radiator rather than reflect it into the room. Proper insulation and sealing drafts are more effective ways to improve heating efficiency.

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