The Benefits of Electric Radiators

At Paladin we know that cast iron radiators are synonymous with traditional homes but they can also be integrated seamlessly into modern interiors with little effort.

Around four million homes in the UK are not connected to gas central heating, however if you live in one of these homes you don’t have to miss out on the beauty of cast iron radiators because Paladin has a plethora of stylish and sophisticated electric cast iron radiators that have the convenience of electrical operation.

Showcasing a magnificent centrepiece in your home has never been easier. Our electric cast iron radiators are fitted with a 240V single-phase heating element that can be thermostatically adjusted via the settings. They also include a frost protection mode and those paired with our Wi-Fi enabled fused spurs can be controlled via a free-to-install app, offering timed operation for single or multiple radiators.

Our radiators are supplied filled, tested and ready for wiring to a fused spur. We offer electric cast iron radiators in a range of sizes. We’ll show you some options shortly, but first let’s discuss the benefits of electric radiators in your home:

  • Electric radiators require less maintenance (for example they don’t need bleeding, balancing or flushing).
  • The cost of installing electric radiators can be a lot less than installing gas central heating.
  • Each radiator can be independently controlled when used in conjunction with our Wi-Fi enabled spurs which means you only need to heat the rooms that you’re using.

At Paladin, the majority of our cast iron radiators can be transformed into electrical models. Our range of electric radiators are available in a wide range of colours to suit your home from calming blues to fun pinks and the elements can be white, gold, satin silver, steel, anthracite, matt black, gloss grey, textured grey or textured dark grey.

Our cables are white as standard but, on request, we can supply black or light grey cables. Here are some of our favourite cast iron radiators ready to become electric masterpieces inside your home.

The Bartholomew, which was hand-built in Lincolnshire, England is a timeless classic. The elegant, simple lines are true to the Victorian era. They lend themselves to both modern and period homes. The simple design enables you to make the most of our custom finish options.

If you’re looking for something a little more ornate, Oxford is made for you. Hand-built in England, this lavish radiator emanates heat and feelings of love and romance.

The opulent Oxford antique cast iron radiator has its origins in late 1800s France and boasts a smooth sweeping, scalloped top detail with an elaborate interwoven design at the feet.

The ideal radiator for period-decorated properties and barn conversions, adding enchantment and delight to any room.

The Victoriana 4-column radiator has a large surface area making it ideal for heating large rooms. This 19th century masterpiece has been designed with 1880s America in mind.

This simplistic design could be found in buildings during the late Victorian era. This elegant radiator has been judiciously recreated by Paladin to offer an authentic, traditional radiator that suits all aesthetics.

The Shaftsbury is a stunning ballet inspired piece. A true example of ornate design, intricate detailing, and beauty. 

Originating from a London Ballet School in the Victrorian era. This delightfully decadent piece wouldn’t look out of place in a stately home or a stunning terraced house. Wherever this radiator finds itself it’s sure to be the perfect centrepiece in any room.

Opt for our antiqued or highlighted paint effects to make this radiator truly come to life, creating a genuinely unique piece of art in the form of a radiator. This impressive radiator comes with a 10-year guarantee and a 2-year warranty on the electrical components.

These are just some of our beautiful electric cast iron radiators – we also have the stunning Saint Paul, the Sloane and many more.

For further information on our bespoke handbuilt electric cast iron radiators and the benefits of using them in your home, please get in touch with a friendly member of our team on 01205 280354.

“I want to say thanks and how fantastic the radiators look along with the cast quality and the excellent painting and polishing finish. I now can’t wait to get them installed! Many thanks again for all your help and assistance.”

“Thank you for all your help, we will definitely recommend Paladin to anyone we know who is looking for cast iron radiators and will get in touch when we’re needing radiators for our ground floor.”