Frequently Asked Questions

Cast iron radiators are known for their efficiency in heating spaces. They have a high thermal mass, allowing them to retain and emit heat for extended periods. This tool results in a more consistent and comfortable warmth, making them an efficient choice for heating systems.
Cast iron radiators are compatible with heat pumps, offering a reliable and effective heating solution. The steady heat output of cast iron complements the variable temperatures heat pumps produce, creating a balanced and efficient heating system for your home.
Wall stays, or brackets, are recommended for securing cast iron radiators to the wall. While some installations may not require them, wall stays enhance safety and stability. They prevent the radiator from tipping or leaning, ensuring a secure and properly functioning heating setup.
It's important to clarify whether the radiators are authentic cast iron or merely have a cast iron style. Authentic cast iron radiators provide durability and efficient heat retention, while manufacturers use various materials to construct cast-iron style radiators for a similar aesthetic.
Yes, Paladin offers bespoke colour options for their radiators. This customization lets you choose a finish that aligns with your interior design preferences. Whether you prefer classic hues or unique shades, bespoke colour options from Paladin provide a personalized touch to your cast iron radiators.