Paladin Cast Iron Radiators

Your Installation & Care Guide

Guidance for Set-Up, Handling and Maintenance


In this guide, we'll showcase:

  • A collection of key information that can help to make your installation as simple and secure as possible, to ensure a stunning and functional piece in your home.

  • The 3 distinct phases of a cast iron radiator installation, from the initial handling, right through to maintenance and care. 

  • How to ensure the transportation of your cast iron radiator is simple and seamless.

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What’s On Offer In Your Installation Guide


Steps To Handling, Installing & Maintaining

Some key tips to keep in mind when it comes to the delivery and installation of cast iron radiators.


Guide To A Safe Installation

Giving you insight into how you can safely install your cast iron radiators to ensure optimal efficiency and performance.

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Providing A Visual Walkthrough

Demonstrations of how you can easily move your cast iron radiator, ensuring a correct assembly

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The Best Products For Long-Term Maintenance

Helping you get an understanding of just what you need to do to ensure your radiator is kept in great condition for years to come.


Identifying Problem Areas & Solutions

Easily protect your system with expert insight into how to protect your system against limescale or corrosion.

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